Papers to be presented

Plants Utilized by Honey Bees in Tobago

Mr. William Trim
Assistant Conservator of Forests, Tobago
Ms Shanice Bourne
Forestry Technical Stewardess

An Introduction to Honey Bee Botany in Trinidad and Tobago

Ms Vearna Gloster
Independent Researcher

The Antimicrobial Activity of Honey from Trinidad and Tobago

Mr Elijah Brown &Michel O’Brien
Doctoral Candidates for Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) at the University of the West Indies St Augustine

Supplemental Feeding of Honey Bees In Jamaica

Mr Hugh Smith
Acting Chief Plant Protection Officer, Jamaica

Geospatial Technology for Hive Tracking and Management

Ms. Tricia Melville
GIS Manager, Ministry of Agriculture, Land & Fisheries, Trinidad

Api-Tourism: An Innovative Beekeeping Offering for Visitors to Trinidad and Tobago

Mr Gladstone Solomon
Solomon Apiaries, Tobago

How the Study of Honey Bees has led the way in our understanding of Social Insects as a whole, from the time of Aristotle to the Present

Dr Christopher Starr
Former Professor of Entomology, University of the West Indies

The Flow Hive

Mr. John Gates
Gates Honey Bee Farm, Canada

New and Potential Health Risks for Honey Bees in the Americas

Dr David De Jong
Professor of Genetics and Entomology, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil

Maintaining Healthy Colonies of Honey Bees

Mr Clive De Bruyn
Examiner for the British Beekeepers Association and the National Diploma in Beekeeping, England

Effect of Nutrition on Honey Bee Health

Dr David De Jong
Professor of Genetics and Entomology, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil

New Facts about the African Bees in Costa Rica

Dr William Ramírez-Benavides
Former Professor of Entomology and Apiculture, University of Costa Rica

Natural beekeeping with local bees for sustainable, rural development

Dr. Nicola Bradbear
Co-founder, Bees for Development

Hives for the Handicapped: – Social Beekeeping On The Island Of Rodrigues (Mauritius)

Mr Paul Draper
Director, Care Co, Rodrigues, Republic of Mauritius

Remotely Monitoring Honey Bee Health and Productivity

Mr. Frank Linton
EAS-Certified Master Beekeeper, USA

Mead Making with Fruits from Around the World

Ms Dinah Sweet
Master Beekeeper with a Diploma in Apiculture

Government’s Position on the Development of the Honey Industry in Trinidad and Tobago

Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Marine Resources, Trinidad and Tobago

CARICOM Regional Standard Specification for Honey

Trinidad and Tobago Bureau of Standards

Issues related to the Intra Regional Trade in Honey and Other Hive Products

CARICOM Secretariat

Caribbean Vocational Qualification in Apiculture

National Training Agency

Caribbean Vocational Qualification in Apiculture; the St Lucia Experience

Richard Matthias
Environment Health and Safety Consultant and Full Time Beekeeper

A Short Overview of Beekeeping Education in England and the Wales run by the BBKA

Mr Clive De Bruyn
Education and the Examination Boards of the British Beekeepers Association (BBKA).

Observing Honey Bees at Home

Mr Frank Linton
EAS-Certified Master Beekeeper, USA

Women in Beekeeping

Ms Emily Thomas

Country/Island reports from at least 12 Caribbean Countries/Islands

Plus group discussion sessions on: T&T Gov’t position of the honey industry; intra regional honey trade; Caricom Regional standard Specification for Honey, and Caribbean Vocational qualification in Apiculture.