Announcement & Invitation

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The Association of Caribbean Beekeepers’ Organisations (ACBO), the Tobago Apicultural Society (TAS) and the Division of Agriculture, Marine Affairs, Marketing and the Environment (DAMME) are pleased to announce their co-hosting of the 8th Caribbean Beekeeping Congress, under the auspices of the International Federation of Beekeepers’ Associations (Apimondia) Scientific Commission on Beekeeping for Rural Development from 12-16th September 2016, at the Rovanel’s Resort and Conference Centre, Store Bay, Tobago. Trinidad and Tobago.

Additionally, there will be a pre congress Queen Rearing Course staged at the Tobago Hospitality and Tourism Institute, Mt. St. George, Tobago from 9th-11th September 2016, and a post congress Africanised Bee Tour of Trinidad from 17th-18th September 2016.

The Caribbean chain of islands provides unique opportunities for beekeeping at a time when honeybees throughout the world are confronted with myriad challenges that seemingly threaten their very survival. The tropical island nature of the region suggests that it has a higher propensity than large land masses to recover naturally from, and/or control the spread of pathogens, pest, parasites and diseases that negatively impact honeybees. This has given currency to the view that the Caribbean islands are, in the main, well disposed to sustainable beekeeping, and that the sector should be developed along those lines.

Against that background, it is with pleasure that I extend an invitation to the national, regional and international beekeeping communities to participate in our trilogy of beekeeping events being staged under the theme “Connecting the Caribbean through Beekeeping”.

Please peruse our website or contact us at for further details. Our Local Organising Committee looks forward to welcoming each and every one of you to Tobago in September 2016.

Yours sincerely

Gladstone Solomon
Chairman, Local Organising Committee