Africanised Bee Tour

Post Congress Africanised Bee Tour of Trinidad
17th & 18th September 2016


Theme: Exploring the Source

Trinidad, described as the ‘Gem of the Caribbean’, is the southernmost island in the chain of Caribbean islands. Trinidad is located alongside the South American continent, seven miles off the eastern cost of Venezuela, and is an estuarine island that is fed by the nutrient rich waters of the Orinoco River, which makes the waters between Venezuela and Trinidad (the Gulf of Paria) ideal for marine life.

The proximity of the two land masses also creates opportunities for the migration of the Apis spp. from South American to Trinidad via fishing vessels, oil tankers, floating logs, or assisted by wind currents. It is said that this migration has and will continue to be a pivotal source of genetic influence on the honeybee stock in Trinidad.  Participants on the tour will have an opportunity to view, explore, critique and experience the ‘Pandora box of biodiversity’, which exists on the south western peninsular of Trinidad.

Pre tour Travel to Trinidad

Most regional and international delegates attending the congress will travel to Tobago via Trinidad. Accordingly, delegates who use this route and plan to participate in the tour should schedule their return flights from Tobago to their final destination, to facilitate their participation in the tour. Similarly, delegates attending the congress who travel direct to Tobago by International flights, and plan to participate in the tour, should arrange their return travel to Tobago in time to catch their outbound international flight.

Delegates travelling to Trinidad to participate in the tour are advised to book tickets for the twenty minutes flight on Caribbean Airlines flight BW 1501 or BW 1503 departing Crown Point Airport, Tobago, at 6.40 am or 6.55 am, respectively, on Saturday 17th September 2016.

Delegates considering participation in the tour whose outbound international flights leaving Trinidad or Tobago on Saturday 17th September are advised that they cannot be guaranteed return transport to Piarco Airport, Trinidad, before 5.00 pm on that said day.  Similarly, delegates considering participation in the tour whose outbound international flights leaving Trinidad or Tobago on Sunday 18th September are advised that they cannot be guaranteed return transport to Piarco Airport before 2.00 pm.

The Tour: Day 1 – 17th September 2016

The tour departs Piarco Airport at 8.00 am for St. Quintin Estate, Los Gallos Point, Cedros, on the south western peninsula. St. Quintin Estate is nestled along the coast line of Columbus Bay, where it is said that Christopher Columbus first landed when he ‘discovered’ La Trinity, (Trinidad) in the late 15 Century. The two hour trip traverses the Uriah Butler Highway, the outskirts of the island’s second town and industrial capital; San Fernando, continues via Mosquito Creek, La Brea Pitch Lake, Union Industrial Estate and Vessigney Beach to Point Fortin, where we stop briefly to refresh at the Ministry of Agriculture offices.  The tour continues for an additional thirty minutes through indigenous tropical forest before we arrive at our destination; St Quintin Estate.

Over the next two hours participants could optionally take a guided tour of the St. Quintin Estate Apiary, and examine colonies that were established from swarms which were offsprings of migrated colonies, or themselves direct swarms from Venezuela.

‘Southerners’ are renowned for their culinary skills and hospitality so participants are sure to enjoy lunch consisting of an all-local gastronomical fest of indigenous nutritious ingredients, flavor-full herbs, and spices created and composed to satisfy and electrify the most discriminating connoisseur’s imagination. While feasting, participants will have opportunities to engage in interactive discussion on beekeeping and matters of national, environmental and social interest.  A local tour guide will facilitate post lunch exploration of the local environment.

A 2.30 pm departure enables a brief guided tour of one of the Seven Wonders of the World; the Pitch Lake at La Brea, and a timely drop-off stop at Piarco Airport. Then it’s on to the outskirt of the capital; Port of Spain, for a late check-in at Par-May-La’s Inn, located near the famous Queen’s Park Savannah.

Dinner options are many and varied; one is sure to meet your fancy if you feel like indulging yourself at your own expense.

The Tour: Day 2 – 18th September 2016

After breakfast the tour departs for Carmel Valley Estate, Maraval, managed by beekeeper Leif Johnson. The Estate is nestled in the foothills of Trinidad’s Northern Range, alongside the Maraval River and a lush tangle of rainforest and habitat of beautiful biodiversity.  The Estate’s distinctive integrated farming includes beekeeping, crop cultivation of cocoa, citrus, mangoes, avocados, vegetables, and rabbit rearing.

A tour of the apiary and an optional tour of the Estate is on offer. Leif is particularly proud of the taste of the tropical flower honey produced by his bees and is convinced that it will rank as the best you have ever sampled. A sumptuous, lunch mixed with pleasant conversation in an authentic agricultural estate environment serves as a fitting climax that we hope will translate into a pleasant and lasting memory of your sojourn on the twin island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, the beekeeping community resident thereon, and new or renewed relationships recently fertilized.

The Tour departs at 12 noon for the Piarco Airport, and ends at 1:00 pm on arrival there.

Cost of tour

2 day package: US$120.00  (TT$780.00) excluding accommodation & dinner costs

1 day package: US$70.00 (TT$455.00)

Tour arrangements

Transportation to Crown Point Airport, Tobago will be provided for participants booked at congress accommodation listed on the congress website:

Air travel to/from Trinidad: Participants are responsible for making their own flight arrangements, as may be required. However, assistance could be sought from the Congress Secretariat.

Meals: Lunch and liquid refreshments are included on the 1-day & 2-day package. Breakfast on the 18th is included in the 2-day package.

Accommodation on 17th September: Par-May-La’s  Inn,  # 53 Picton Street, Port- of-Spain.

The cost of accommodation is NOT included in tour package

Participants registering for the 2-day tour online should book one (1) night’s accommodation directly with the tour hotel Par-May-La’s Inn at Alternatively, accommodation bookings can be made through the Congress Secretariat, during the congress, subject to room availability.

  • Single occupancy – US $55.00 US (TT $354.75) per night
  • Double occupancy – US $68.00 / $70.00 (TT $438.60 / $451.50) per night (queen sized bed or twin beds )
  • Triple occupancy – US $84.00 US (TT $541.80) per night

All rooms have A/C, toilet and bath, telephone, cable TV and free WiFi.

Transportation to Piarco Airport, Trinidad

  • 5:00 pm drop off on 17th September – cost included in tour package
  • 1:00 pm drop off on 18th September -cost included in tour package.
  • Participants are to meet the cost of transportation to the airport outside the schedule drop off. Assistance with arrangements can be provided on request.